Inahos  SA is a company producing high quality dairy products. Following in the footsteps of local tradition we have been producing FETA cheese since 1920 in the central Greece region where feta has been produced since ancient times. In cooperation with producers who farm native breeds of sheep and goats in mountain pastures following traditional methods we manage to collect sheep and goat milk of exceptional quality characteristics.     Following the recipe which demands 70% sheep's milk and 30% goat's milk we produce FETA cheece of a singular quality which motives in the traditional way in wooden barrels for at least two months.At the same time in answer to contemporary needs we produce and package in many practical forms ( 15kg and 8kg metal containers, 400gm to 4kg plastic containers as well as 100gm vacuum packages).     On the one hand of course FETA cheese may be the company's trademark and starting point but the experience accumulated over the decades combined with the continuous desire and will for progress and improvement on the part of the company's people have led to the production of a large range of very specialized products which are distinguished by both high quality and originality. These products are especially popular on the market with the trade name "ROUMELI"     For the products produced from sheep and goat's milk and "ERIFI" for the products made from 100% goat's milk.